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Classic TV Series and New TV Show on DVD


Maverick DVD

Maverick is a comedy-western action television series created by Roy Huggins that launched on September 22, 1957 to July 8, 1962 at ABC. Maverick presented James Garner as Bret Maverick an adventurous gambler roaming the Old West, Jack Kelly as his equally skilled brother Bart Maverick and Roger Moore as English-accented cousin Beau Maverick. James Garner was the only Maverick in the series during the first seven episodes, and the show captivated the country, immediately launching the 29-year-old actor's career into heaven when Maverick develop a national sensation until a time of only three major television networks and just three or four TV channels accessible in most cities, besting both The Ed Sullivan Show and The Steve Allen Show in audience size.

The Series deliberately astern the average screen-cowboy customs running rampant through television and movies by that time dressing his hero in a fancy black broadcloth gambler's suit, an clothes normally reserved in western films for villains, and allowing him to be realistically afraid to risk his life, although Maverick always eventually wound up forcing himself to be courageous, usually in spite of himself.

Maverick pilot episode of "War of the Silver Kings," it was based on C.B Glasscock's "The War of the Copper Kings," which relates the real-life adventures of copper mine adventurer F. Augustus Heinze. Several of the incidents in the first episode actually occurred -- including the alcoholic judge and the dra
matic standoff scene in the streets against irate miners.

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